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Hydrogen Sulfide Dosimeter and In-Lab Analysis (10 Tests)

Brand: ChemSee
Product Code: H2S-KT1x10
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ChemSee's H2S-KT1 contains ten hydrogen sulfide dosimeters, FULL USE INSTRUCTIONS and in-lab analysis by ChemSee. Together, these two items allow for rapid, quantitative analysis of air for the presence of hydrogen sulfide.

Just mail the exposed hydrogen sulfide dosimeter(s) in a sealed envelope to:

ChemSee / Appealing Products, Inc.
6003 Chapel Hill Road, Suite #177
Raleigh, NC 27607, USA

ChemSeeā€™s Dosimeter: Hydrogen Sulfide detects hydrogen sulfide, H2S, in the range of 0 to 5 ppm*hr. To determine the total exposure of the indicator to H2S, compare the color formed during testing to those provided on the dosimeter. Divide the ppm*hr value on the card by the total exposure time to determine the average amount of H2S is the air during the trial period.

Hydrogen sulfide is a flammable, poisonous gas with a characteristic odor of "rotten eggs." H2S can be found in natural gas, petroleum deposits and hot springs, as well as naturally in the breakdown of organic matter by specific bacteria. Often elevated levels of H2S are found near areas with high quantities of animal waste, such as farms. Many industrial facilities produce hydrogen sulfide including paper mills, food processing plants and petroleum refineries.

Hydrogen sulfide may be detected by smell in concentrations as low as 0.30 ppm. At 0.50 ppm slight depression begins. In the range of 20 to 150 ppm eye irritation begins, and at 500 ppm severe headaches occur. At 800 ppm, paralysis begins. The sense of smell is not the best detector for hydrogen sulfide; when the hydrogen sulfide concentration reaches approximately 15 ppm, the human nose becomes desensitized and the ability to smell H2S declines. Moreover, our ability to smell other gases also declines, which can have tragic consequences due to the fact that synergistic toxicity effects of H2S and other gases often exist. The cumulative effect of hydrogen sulfide results in the depletion of iron in the blood and interference with the breathing mechanism. Sufficiently large doses of H2S can cause immediate death. Therefore it is essential to have a trustworthy device to indicate the presence of hydrogen sulfide at any concentration.

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