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Formaldehyde Detectors

Formaldehyde Detectors

ChemSee and Appealing Products, Inc. is proud to announce the arrival of: is a member of the Appealing Products, Inc. detection family. It was established to promote awareness, detection and prevention of Formaldehyde related illness. All detectors are low-cost, simple to use and give immediate, semi-quantitative color-based results.

Formaldehyde is a toxic material that can kill bacteria and viruses as well as damage human cells. Food manufacturers sometimes add formaldehyde to foods such as milk, noodles meats etc to extend their shelve life. Many ordinary foods contain naturally traces of formaldehyde, however, excess formaldehyde was reported to increase cancer and cause breathing difficulties.

Although adding formaldehyde to foods is forbidden in many countries, some manufacturers still add it in particular if the food is expected to stay unrefrigerated for a while. Consumers of foods need to know if they contain excessive and dangerous amounts of formaldehyde. Inspectors of food need to know if formaldehyde was added purposely and illegally to the food.

Our formaldehyde detectors allow for rapid, easy detection of formaldehyde in food and drink (PATENT PENDING).

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