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Detectors For Food Contaminants

Available Products for the Detection of Adulterants in Food, Drinks or Water include:
FRM-03 Formaldehyde DetectorsFRM-03 Formaldehyde Detectors

The FRM-03 Formaldehyde Detector is a convenient way to test for the presence of Formaldehyde in any Solid or Liquid, including foods.  The FRM-03 Formaldehyde Detector is a small tab that is dipped into the suspect sample.  A purple color will form on the detector if Formaldehyde is present.



SI-04 SulfiteCheck™ Detectors for SulfitesSI-04 SulfiteCheck™ Detectors for Sulfite

We are proud to present a new and redesigned SulfiteCheck™ detector.  This new detector comes equipped with a builit in Qualtiy Assurance test that lets the user know if the detector is working properly.  Testing can be done in three easy steps.



Detectors for Peroxides in FoodsPeroxide Detectors - Milk-Ox and Peroxide Check

Hydrogen Peroxide is used in food production to sterilize equipment used to process foods.  ChemSee-Foods now offers simple, disposable, strips for detecting if there is Hydrogen Peroxide in Milk or other foods.



Detectors for Nitrates and Nitrites in FoodsDetectors for Nitrates/Nitrites In Foods

Nitrates and Nitrites are used in food production to reduce spoilage.  These chemicals can be harmful to children and the elderly.  ChemSee-Foods now offers simple, disposable, strips for detecting Nitrates and Nitrites in Drinks and Foods.



SeeBorax™ | Detector For BoraxDetetectors for Borax in Foods

Borax is used in food production as a preservative and an anti-fungal.  Borax has been banned in many countries as an additive in food because of its toxicity to the liver.  ChemSee-Foods now offers easy to use detectors to determine if Borax is present in Drink and Foods.



SeeChlorine | Detectors for Chlorine

Detectors for Chlorine In Water, other Drinks and Food

ChemSee has developed an easy-to-use, low-cost detector for the presence of Chlorine in Water, Drinks and Foods.  This simple detector gives a semi-quantitative result allowing the user to know approximately how much Chlorine is present in a given sample.

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