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How safe is the food you're eating?

Imported and domestic foods are being recalled with increasing regularity due to contamination and improperly identified ingredients.

Safety inspectors are unable to inspect all the foods sold, and many imported foods are evading inspection. This is not surprising because conventional food testing methods are very expensive and time consuming. In fact, if all foods were sent to be tested, many would spoil before the laboratory results were obtained.

What can you do?


ChemSee-Foods has developed a class of rapid, presumptive tests that can indicate on the spot if there is a reasonable probability that the food is defective.

ChemSee-Foods offers detectors to improve food safety in two ways: rapid tests for determining if particular food contaminants are present, and presumptive tests of products for specific contaminants by food inspectors.

ChemSee-Foods is pleased to provide innovative products to ensure both the safety and quality of foods for the consumer. From the innovative Milk-Ox Detectors for peroxide, to Sulfite Check detectors for sulfites in foods and drink, ChemSee-Foods is committed to providing the tools necessary to ensure that your food is safe.

ChemSee-Foods | Low-Cost Detectors for Food Adulterants and Consumer Safety Hazards

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